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Luminous Inverter & Battery Combo with Trolley for Home, Office & Shops (Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter, RC 15000 120 Ah Tall Tubular Battery)

Price: ₹ 27,900.00 - ₹ 19,800.00
(as of Apr 30,2021 06:48:09 UTC – Details)

Looking for a high-performance inverter with battery for home? Luminous has come up with an amazing inverter & battery combo for home, office & shops, i.e. Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter & RC 15000 120 Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery.
Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sine Wave InverterLuminous Zelio+ 1100 is India’s most intelligent UPS/inverter for home, with features such as power back-up time display, hassle-free battery maintenance, MCB protection. The high-quality inverter for home is equipped with a bypass switch which keeps supplying output from the grid even in case of UPS faults. The low harmonic distortion makes this home inverter practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps save on electricity bills.
Key Features

Power back-up time display in hours & minutes
Intelligent 32 bit DSP Processor
Battery Electrolyte Level Indicator glows whenever the battery requires water top-up
Input mains protection through MCB
Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)

LUMINOUS RedCharge 15000 120AH is a tall tubular inverter battery for every kind of power storage need! It comes with an advanced tubular-plate technology that ensures uninterrupted and regulated power availability. It is engineered to deliver superior power and higher efficiency while maximizing battery life. The inverter battery is designed to perform superbly even with heavy-duty applications. It requires less maintenance as it is built to be long-lasting for Indian conditions. The battery is capable of enduring long and frequent power cuts.
Light up your home & Office with a Luminous Inverter and Battery during power cuts!Your home deserves to be powered by India’s most intelligent inverter & battery. When the Zelio+ 1100 inverter is used with RC 18000 150 Ah tall tubular inverter battery, it offers amazing power to your home. For any product-related information, contact us at 18001033039

Display: Digital display; Processor: Intelligent 32 bit DSP Processor
Safety: MCB for protection from Input main
[RC 15000 Battery] Battery Type: Tall tubular inverter battery with rugged construction; Water Level Indicators: 6
Nominal Voltage: 12V; Rated Capacity @ 27oC: 120 Ah; Electrolyte Volume: 14.00 Liter (+/- 5%)
[Dimensions of the container] (L x W x H) (+/- 3mm): 505mm x 220mm x 308 mm [Battery Weight] Dry Battery: 21.0kg (+/-5%); Filled Battery: 38.4 Kg (+/-5%)
[Charging Current] Boost Mode Starting Current: 12.10; Boost Mode Finishing Current: 6.00; [Trickle Mode] Min: 101.0 mA; Max: 403.0mA

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