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RTB Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale with Tare Function with Adaptor (10 Kg-SF 400A) – White

Price: ₹ 1,099.00 - ₹ 450.00
(as of May 04,2021 05:54:27 UTC – Details)

Product Description

digital weight machinedigital weight machine

weighing scaleweighing scale

kitchen weight machine digitalkitchen weight machine digital

RTB Digital Multifunction Kitchen & Food Scale

Your Personal Sous-Chef

A useful kitchen tool, the RTB Electronic digital kitchen scale makes it easy to quickly weigh ingredients or food items. It’s particularly handy for baked goods where exact amounts of flour make all the difference between perfection and overly dry cookies or cake.

Use the scale for weighing anything from ingredients for new or favorite recipes to health-conscious meal plans.

The smooth surface of the scale makes it easy to clean as needed-wiping it down with a wet cloth is usually all it takes. When not in use, it can be conveniently tucked away in a pantry or cupboard.Convenient display of units in grams, milliliter, pounds & ounces as per your weighing preference

Product Highlights

An essential tool for every Indian kitchen, which stands out from the crowd of competition

Digital Portalble Weight Machine with LED Weighing Scale Display with Adaptor

Adaptor : Included

Max weighing capacity: 10KG

Weight Limit 10 Kilograms

kitchen weighing scalekitchen weighing scale

Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

A healthy diet is an essential part of everyday life. This is a professional scale designed for the kitchen, mailroom, or even your workshop. It has a large round washable tray for routine cleaning. It ensures accurate weighing even in high humidity areas as its splash-proof design. It is made of fine quality material which is durable enough for your daily using. It has a beautiful appearance and special surface treatment. A high-quality Load cell is being used to show accurate weight.

weing scale for kitchenweing scale for kitchen

Tare Made Easy

Has TARE option to weigh different ingredients in the same container. Best used when you have to measure some liquid or powder. It ensures accurate weighing even in high humidity areas as its splash-proof design. The digital kitchen scale is battery operated, easy to use.

kitchen weighing scale digital 5kgkitchen weighing scale digital 5kg

Multipurpose Scale – A Must Have in Every Kitchen

A small change to your lifestyle choice can have great impact on your health and well-being. Indulging into the habit of using our smart food scale can reap you the following benefits helping you be a better cook and healthful eater.

An inexpensive scale can mean better & tastier recipesBalanced food is wise medicine served with loveControlled portioning, faster cooking, less mess for clean-upEssential equipment for people on special diets demanding calorie intakeHelps you make sure your family doesn’t have nutritional deficienciesMost useful and easiest tool for gourmet chefs, homemakers or unskilled cooks

In the box:-1 x 10kg 10000g/1g Electronic Digital Kitchen Food Portable Weighing Scale
Adaptor : Included
Weight Limit 10 Kilograms
Readout Accuracy 1 Grams

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