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TECH AND TRADE Iron Aquasmart Fully Automatic Water Tank Alarm Overflow Controller Level Indicator

Price: ₹ 2,599.00 - ₹ 1,950.00
(as of May 13,2021 06:12:18 UTC – Details)

Aquasmart saves energy and water by switching on your water pump when your water tank is empty and switching off your water pump when the water tank is full. You need not to worry about the water overflow and the wastage of water and energy due to the overflow.Also if you want fresh water at any time if your tank is full, you get a bypass switch which will facilitate you to run your motor at any time. Features:- 1 automatic function. Aquasmart automatically operates the the water pump as per the water levels of the water tank . the float switch that is installed in the water tank provides input signals for the motor to be turned off and on. it may be your underground tank or your overhead tank. 2. no ac current in the sensor. The sensor to be installed in the water tank runs on dc current. The sensor has a dc current of about 20 miliamps at 12 volts. Also the float sensor used with this is also fully concealed to avoid any contact of water with the currrent bearing terminals. This means total peace of mind that the water will not get any kind of current, ac or dc, at all… 3. heavy duty metal body. Aquasmart comes in a heavy duty metal chasis that is made up of 22 guage sheet. This protects aquasmart from wear and tear due to weather and other factors. 4 led indicators. Aquasmart has led indicators that let you know if your pump is getting power and if your pump is running or not. 5 supports upto 3 hps water pump. Aquasmart supports water pumps upto 3 horsepower and that run on single phase. 6. six months guaranty and lifetime support. Aquasmart comes with a 6 months substitute guaranty. 7. automatic mode bypass switch. There is a manual switch, which can be used to operate the water pump manually. If you need fresh water even when your water tank is full, you may use the manual switch to run the motor at any time.

Color : grey
Model : fully automatic

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